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Mono Vegan Restaurant Glasgow Review

Mono Vegan Restaurant Glasgow Review -Vegan Burger

Setian Vegan Burger – Mono Glasgow

Glasgow has been voted the most Vegan friendly city in the UK. I live just a 25min drive from the city centre and for some odd reason, I have never visited the many vegan/ vegan friendly restaurants it has to offer!

So, I decided to give a few of them a go starting with Mono which seemed to be the most highly rated.

Mono is an all vegan restaurant in the city centre of Glasgow which offers a wide range of vegan food and drinks. They also host some funky little live gigs.

Under the same roof as Mono you can also find Monorail Music, a little independent music store with an impressive selection of vinyl records and Good Press where you can find art and independently/ self-published books, comics, zines, newspapers etc.

You can check Mono out on their website. They are also on Twitter and Facebook.

I had a good look at Mono’s website and menu before heading in so had a rough idea what I fancied to eat. They have an amazing selection including pizzas, burgers, sandwiches as well as mains such as “To-fish ‘n’ chips, mushy peas with mint and tartar sauce” and yummy sounding desserts like “Cheesecake with Oreo & chocolate fudge sauce”. Daily special offers such as 2 pizzas for £10 are also available.

Mono Vegan Restaurant Glasgow Review - Vegan Beer Heineken

Heineken Vegan Beer – Mono Glasgow

I headed in for lunch on a freezing cold January afternoon (my Birthday, yay) with my non-vegan hubby and wandered around for a few minutes trying to find the damn place. It turns out it is not hard to find at all, it was just us being a bit daft. In fact, we walked past in a few times. Oops! :)

When we walked in it was reasonably busy and we were shown to our table by a friendly member of staff who handed us a couple of menus and pointed out that they had no tofu. A vegan restaurant with no tofu? Yup, I heard him right… no tofu! Neither of us were planning to order any of the dishes with tofu, but I still found this pretty funny.

We decided pretty quickly to share a large portion of the chilli nachos (£6.25) to start as I really wanted to try some vegan sour cream. For our mains, we both went for the daily deal of a beer (little can of Heineken) and seitan burger for £5. I opted to add some cheese to mine. I really wanted a pizza, but in the end I was too scared that I wouldn’t like the cheese! One for next time I think.

After chilling out and listening to the random funky beats playing, the waiter came over with our burgers and asked if we would be happy to have them now as the kitchen had mixed up the order! Good thing we are pretty easy going and were not too bothered by this. So we ended up eating our burgers as a starter with the nachos appearing when we were about half way through our burgers. Both these dishes were yummy. Even my meat eating hubby enjoyed them.

Mono Vegan Restaurant Glasgow Review -Vegan Chilli Nachos

Vegan Chilli Nachos – Mono Glasgow

The only thing I would say is that I would like more sour cream on the nachos (they were very spicy), but I’m sure if I had asked they would have done this for us. The cheese on my burger was very tasty (although it could maybe be doing with a few chips to go along with it). I am a bit scared of vegan cheese as the only one I have ever liked is Violife (review coming soon) and I am a reaaaaally fussy eater, but this one passed the test!

A couple at the table behind us ordered pizza and it looked amazing. I’ll definitely be trying it now I know I like their cheese.

When we had finished I was super excited to try the Oreo cheesecake! I’ve never had vegan cheesecake and I looove Oreos, but it turned out they didn’t have any cheesecake at all. Ahhhhh! I was gutted and so was my hubby as we were both looking forward to trying it. Boo!

Anyhoo, overall I enjoyed my lunch at Mono and would go back again (for a pizza oh yea). I was disappointed at the lack of cheesecake and our courses coming at the same time as this meant our visit was a lot shorter than we had planned, but apart from that it’s a thumbs up for me. Non-Vegan hubby liked the food but wasn’t too sure about the whole vibe of the place as it’s very different than what he is used to.

If you find yourself in the city centre and are looking for some tasty vegan food and a chilled out atmosphere I’d recommend popping in for some food or even just a wee cup of tea.

Have you been to Mono? I’d love to hear what you thought.

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