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Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink Review

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink

While shopping in Boots the other day, I got pretty thirsty and wandered over to look at their drinks selection. I was expecting to see the usual section of sugary Coke, Irn Bru etc and maybe some diet drinks pretending to be good for you.  I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of different, tasty looking smoothies and these lovely Little Miracle Organic Energy Drinks.

Over the last few years, I have become pretty good at interpreting these fakey health drinks to see that they are really just full of sugar, chemicals and other rubbish, so on first glance, I assumed these would be the same. I can quite happily say that I was wrong :)

I picked up the Green Tea version (I do love green tea!), a fruit salad and Trek bar (I’ll review these soon) and off I went to the checkout feeling pretty proud of myself for buying such a healthy lunch. Not sure what to expect, I opened the bottle and took my first drink. Yum! I really liked it. Surely something this nice can’t be good for you? Well, it seems it is. The Little Miracles are free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners (sweetened with agave and not sugar).

While shopping in Tesco, I picked up both the Green and Black Tea flavours. They work out about £1.50 each (330ml bottles) depending on where you buy them, I think they were £1.39 in Tesco.

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink – Green Tea

This is sweet, without being sickening and very refreshing if served ice cold! It contains Green Tea, Ginseng, Pomegranate, Acai and Agave.

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink Green Tea

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink – Black Tea

Just like the Green Tea drink, it is lovely, sweet and refreshing with Black Tea, Ginseng, Peach, Acai and Agave.

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink Black Tea

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink – White Tea

I’ve not tried this yet, but will get it soon and add it to the review.

It contains White Tea, Ginseng, Cherry, Acai and Agave.

Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink – Lemongrass Tea

Just like the White Tea, I’ve not tried it but will get it soon to taste and review.

It contains Lemongrass Tea, Orange Juice, Ginger, Ginseng and Agave.

Here is what their website says about some of the ingredients:


“Little Miracles uses 6 year old Panax Ginseng which has been a cornerstone in Traditional Chinese Medicine for ages and is known for its many functional benefits. The 6 year old Panax Ginseng is carefully selected, as it is the only Ginseng sort containing active Ginseosides.”

Acai Berries:

“No fruit other than the small, round, black-purple Acai berries hold as many active antioxidants, which makes the fruit truly unique. The Acai only grows on wild Acai palms in Brazil and has been used by ancient Brazilian Indians from Amazonas as a key part of their nutrition due to its energizing effect and high level of additives, which allowed for a balanced nutrition and the ability to hunt for days.”

Pomegranate (in the Green Tea Drink):

“The pomegranate originates from the Himalayas and the Northern India, where it for centuries has been known as a rich nutritional source and has thus played a key role in most cultures. Pomegranate is used in our Little Miracles, as the juice is a good source of vitamin C and B5. The pomegranate juice is furthermore known for its high level of potassium and polyphenols.”

Peach (in the Black Tea Drink):

“We have added peach juice to this Little Miracles to provide the drink with a refreshing and well known taste. As no artificial sugars are used in the Little Miracles, the peach juice also serves as a natural sweetener in order to balance the otherwise dry aftertaste of tea. Like other juices, peach juice gives you a dose of essential vitamins.”

Cherry (in the White Tea Drink):

“In this Little Miracle we have added rich cherry juice in order to bring the drink a delightful and refreshing taste. If you love the taste of cherry, you will not be disappointed as the taste is both elegant and energizing. Yummy!”

According to their website, the idea for the drinks came when the founder was travelling in China and discovered the amazing benefits of Ginseng.

Of course they are not as pure and healthy as freshly extracted juice, but as a soft drink which is available in supermarkets and on the high street, they are not bad at all. To top it all off, they are organic! Bonus!

They are fast becoming my new favourite soft drink.

Here is the website of the company that make them: Drink Little Miracles

Have you tried them? Or do you know of any similar juices/ drinks? Leave me a wee comment below.


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