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Glasgow is the Most Vegan Friendly City in the UK

Glasgow Best Vegan City Hydro and Armadilo

Glasgow Hydro and Armadilo

I was so excited to read that PETA have named my home town Glasgow as the most vegan friendly city in the UK.

As quite a new vegan who loooooves eating out, I have been quite worried about how it would work and what I could order apart from a large plate of lettuce. Finding out all these vegan friendly restaurant are right on my door step was the best news I had all week! (maybe all year)

Glasgow is a fantastic city and I’m even more proud live her (well, just outside) now I know how extra vegan friendly it is. There are a number of amazing looking restaurants that are either totally vegan or vegan friendly such as Mono, Saramago Cafe Bar, Stereo, and The Flying Duck I can’t wait to try them out and of course do some reviews!

To top it off I found out there was a Whole Foods near by in Giffnock which although is pretty expensive, has a good range of vegan food. Yay!

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