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Coconut Oil Benefits and Uses

Benefits and Uses of Coconut OilI love coconut oil and I use is every single day for lots of different things from removing my make up to cooking. It would definitely be on my desert island list, I really couldn’t live without it!

Coconut oil has changed the way I live in so many ways. I use it as a hair mask, moisturiser, make up remover, cook with it, put it in my smoothies and eat it straight from the jar, even my dog goes mad for the stuff.

Make sure you buy organic, raw virgin coconut oil which is non hydrogenated, unrefined and unbleached. I use Biona Coconut Oil which I have on subscribe and save from Amazon to save some pennies!

It is usually in a solid white form but when heated becomes a clear oil. I find the best way to melt it is by scooping it out with a spoon and melting it in the palm of my hand which only take a few seconds, but you can heat it up by putting it in a container and sitting it in boiling water for a few minutes if you need more of it.

Many people are put off by the fact it is made up for saturated fat but don’t panic! It’s the good kind (yes, I said the good kind of fat). It’s also antibacterial, bonus!

I will do separate posts going into more detail in how exactly I use it and how it works but for now here are a few of the many benefits and uses for this wonderful oil:

Hair Care - Use it as a hair mask to combat dry, damaged, frizzy hair. The coconut oil will condition your hair and help with regrowth. You can also use a small amount on your ends or on wet hair (don’t use too much or your hair will look greasy).

Make Up Remover - A fabulous, natural make up remover that is kind to skin very moisturising.

Moisturiser - Use on your face and body for silky soft skin.  It’s not only for dry skin, it works well on all skin types and can also help fight acne and greasy skin. Coconut oil
is also great for kids as it is natural and gentle.

Massage Oil - Melt it down and it makes a fantastic massage oil which is also amazing for your skin.

Weight Loss - It contains short and medium-chain fatty acids which are converted quickly into energy and can increase your body’s metabolic rate.

Energy Boost - A great source of energy to keep you going like a Duracell bunny through the day.

Immune System - Coconut oil helps to strengthen your immune system so you can fight off infections.

Aids Digestion - It can mprove the digestive systems and is very useful in dealing with stomach problems.

Pet Care - Helps their digestion and gives them beautiful shiny coats. My dog eats it straight off the spoon but you can pop it in their food or just rub it on their fur on or any dry/ sore patches.

Healthy Heart - It contains lauric acid which keeps your heart health and happy and controls cholesterol.

Fights Candida - Provides relief from inflammation caused by candida and help to prevent and even cure it.

Strong Teeth and BonesCoconut oil is believed to aid with the absorption of calcium keeping your bones and teeth healthy

Eat It - Use it as a cooking oil, as a replacement for butter, in your coffee, pop it in your smoothie or eat it straight from the spoon. It’s so versatile.

I usually eat a teaspoon each day along with using it for my hair and skin and cooking.

Why not give it a go, you will be hooked in no time!

P.S This information is based on my own personal experience and is not to be used as professional advice.  I always recommend that you seek advice from a professional. :)

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