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The 13th Note Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant Glasgow Review

13th Note Vegetarian Restaurant Glasgow Review - Menu

Menu at The 13th Note Glasgow

After visiting Mono earlier in the week, I headed back into Glasgow city centre with my non-vegan hubby to try out some more crulty free food!

This time we opted for The 13th Note which is a vegetarian restaurant (with many vegan options), bar and music venue not far from Mono. I have been to The 13th Note many times for gigs throughout the year, but it has always been late at night and I have always been more interested in the beer than food. :)

It was another freezing cold Scottish day in January and I was planning to try out their brunch menu which is available on Sat/ Sundays. Hubby was excited to try the chips as The 13th Note was awarded the best chips in Glasgow in 2013. Very impressive.

When we got in the bar area was pretty busy. There was even a dog curled up in a bed beside the bar. This earned some points straight away as I love a dog-friendly business. The restaurant was pretty quiet with only one group of people sitting there. It was around 12ish so still a bit early for the big lunch crowds.

The waitress asked if we had booked (we hadn’t) and then let us pick a seat. We went for the comfy looking area at the back and had a look through the impressive menu of veggie/ vegan food and drinks. They have loads to choose from, most of it is vegan but there are pizzas etc which have cheese. The menu is clearly marked with a (v) if something is NOT vegan and apparently all the desserts are vegan. All the drinks are also clearly labeled to show what is suitable for vegans.

I ordered the traditional breakfast (£7.50). The chef was nice enough to swap my mushroom for an extra potato scone (god I hate mushrooms). After a quick chat with the waitress who was really helpful to my hubby who wasn’t sure what he wanted, he went for the Huevos Mexicanos (£5.95).

13th Note Vegetarian Restaurant Glasgow Review - Coffee

Black Coffee at The 13th Note Glasgow

We waited a wee while for the food, but as it is all freshly made we didn’t mind. I forgot to take pics of our main courses! Oops haha.

The Huevos Mexicanos looked amazing. It was like a big tofu scramble with beans and spices served with a tortilla. I had a little taste and it was delicious, I’ll be going back for it one day (or learning to cook it haha). Hubby really liked it as well. Score!

We waited and waited and the chips never came. The waitress actually left the building at one point so we couldn’t even ask where they were. When she came back she apologised that we didn’t get them, but we weren’t too bothered as we now had room for desert,

My breakfast was really nice as well. It came with Sosage, veggie bacon (which I didn’t really like), homemade beans, potato scone and toast. It was lovely, but I had food envy and wanted the Huevos Mexicanos.

13th Note Vegetarian Restaurant Glasgow Review - Vegan Cheesecake

Vegan Cheesecake at The 13th Note Glasgow

For round two we ordered the homemade cheesecake (£4.75) and a couple of black coffees. Our coffees came really quickly, but we had a long wait for our cheesecake (despite the restaurant being very quiet). When the cheesecake finally came we had finished our coffee so hubby wasn’t too amused. It looked lovely as you can see. Mine had some extra cream (90p) on top. I feel pretty bad saying this but oooh we both didn’t enjoy our cheesecake. To be fair I have never tried vegan cheesecake (although dairy cheesecake was always a fav of mine), but it just tasted like a big slab of butter. Even my hubby who can normally eat anything couldn’t finish his.

Overall, I did enjoy my visit to The 13th Note (apart from the cheesecake, ah!). The other food was delicious, the staff were very helpful and it has a great atmosphere. I will be back possibly for their beer and burger deal next time.

My husband preferred The 13th Note to Mono, but I would be happy to try both again. You can also order food in the bar here so I think I’ll maybe give that a go next time.

Have you been to The 13th Note? I’d love to hear what you thought.

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